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Welcome to the website of Matthias and Emile Roblin, winegrowers in Sancerre.

One year at the estate

The estate
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The vineyards
The winery
Our wines
The estate

The estate

Located a few kilometres northwest of Sancerre in the winegrowing hamlet of  Maimbray in Sury-en-Vaux, our estate is above all the history of a family. We are two brothers - Matthias and Emile - the heirs of 4 generations of know-how and heritage that have been passed on at Château de Maimbray.

The men work in the vineyards, but the women are well represented at our estate! The administrative and sales departments are managed by our mother, Annick, and Angélique, Matthias’s wife. A dedicated team helps us with the daily work in the vineyards and at the winery.

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We produce and sell wines that hail exclusively from the Sancerre appellation - primarily white wines, but also reds and rosés. We are not certified organic, but we are nevertheless committed to a sincere and resolute approach focused on respect for the environment as much in the vineyards as at the winery. We strive to craft wines that render the purest, most natural expression of our calcareous clay terroirs.

The vineyards
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The vineyards

Varitetals and terroirs

Our vineyards are composed of approximately forty plots that cover a total surface area of about 20 hectares on the steep slopes around the hamlets of Maimbray and La Vallée. Sauvignon Blanc grapes account for 87% while the remaining 13% is represented by Pinot Noir. The soil profile of our vineyards is predominantly Kimmeridgian and Portlandian (Late Jurassic) calcareous clay. These terroirs are locally referred to as “terres blanches” (white earth).

Our vineyard management techniques

We believe that it is essential to preserve our terroirs and ecosystem which are at the very essence of our work! We do not use any chemical fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, or anti-rot products. Furthermore, we experiment with biodynamics, which is for plants what phytotherapy is for humans, allowing the vines to reinforce their natural defences. Plants used for teas and decoctions (horsetail, willow, etc.) are purchased from local suppliers for the most part. In 2020, we were granted the highest level (3) of HEV (High Environmental Value) certification which is based on 4 key areas: biodiversity conservation, plant protection strategy, fertilizer use and water management.

We cut our vines back hard according to the Guyot Poussard pruning method in order to balance the flow of sap and prevent trunk disease (Esca, BDA, etc.). We also carry out green pruning (disbudding, green harvest), the degree of which varies from year to year, in order to regulate production and obtain healthy, uniform grapes.

La cave

The winery

We work using gravity, limiting pumping as much as possible.

The juices and the vines are manipulated as little as possible so that they best express the aromas and flavours that are characteristic of our terroirs. Our wines are aged in stainless steel tanks, wooden vats and 600-litre barrels.

Work performed at the winery is as non-interventionist as possible, even though that requires strict hygiene protocols and constant supervision. We monitor temperatures to control vinification and keep the addition of sulphur to a minimum. Bottling and the entire packaging process are carried out by us, on the premises.

Nos vins

Our wines

In Sancerre, Sauvignon Blanc is king! Discover our range of white wines crafted from this varietal.

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We also produce 2 red Sancerre cuvées and a rosé made from our Pinot Noir grapes.

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