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estate history

The history of the estate begins with our great grandparents, Marie and Alphonse Dezat, who, in 1934, purchased Château de Maimbray, so named because of its impressive bourgeois dwelling and surrounding land.

As on all farms at the time,  polyculture was practised: cereal crops, the raising of cattle, chickens, rabbits and goats to make the local Crottin de Chavignol cheese, along with a few acres of vines.

Marie Dezat.jpg
Alphonse Dezat.jpg
Marie Roblin et ses chèvres.jpg
Château de Maimbray cour de la ferme.jpg

Their daughter, our grandmother, who was also called Marie, married Georges Roblin in 1952. Originally from the neighbouring village of Les Rossignols, Georges decided to join his wife in Maimbray in the aim of growing vines.

Marie Et Georges Roblin - Château de Maimbray.png
Francis et Georges Roblin.jpg

This was the era of the development of the AOC Sancerre (Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée) wine label - at the estate, throughout France and even abroad. In the 1960s, the first bottles of Château de Maimbray were shipped to Belgium, England and the United States.

In the 1970s, Marie and Georges were joined at the estate by their two sons, our father, Francis, and his brother, along with our mother, Annick. Business continued to boom, especially on the export markets, and equipment and machinery were improved both in the vineyards and at the winery.

In 2000, a new generation arrived with Matthias at first, followed by Emile in 2006.

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